Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We broke the weight mark!

It's been exactly one year since Reagan had surgery to get her feeding tube placed. Before the feeding tube, she was stuck between 24-26 pounds, we could never get over that hump. She had the surgery and immediately started gaining, her color changed and she looked so healthy. I recently looked back at pictures of her before the surgery and couldn't believe how thin she looked. I must have been in denial about her size as the idea of a feeding tube made me cringe.

Since the surgery, her weight has hovered consistently around 34 pounds. She had a lot of stomach problems for months with gas issues and I would have to back off of her feeds so she would lose weight, and then gain, but never break the 34 pound seal.

So I was completely in shocked and did a happy dance (much to the nurse's dismay) when she told me Reagan's weight is now a whopping 37 pounds and she is 43 inches tall at 4 1/2 years old! I knew that she felt heavier and she looks healthy, but I had given up on weighing her because it seemed to never change. That puts her BMI just under 15, which is very healthy. She is above average on both the typical and Rett Syndrome growth charts and I am hoping for no more illnesses that make her weight decrease. It's comforting to know as we go into Fall and flu season that she is healthier than ever!

Here is her sweet smiles before the nurse came back to give her 2 shots. :-(


  1. What great news!!! Reagan looks SO wonderfully healthy, yay! We miss you so very much! Next time you venture out to TX you should give us a shout! Love you!!!

  2. Hey Lady,
    So glad that girl is so healthy. She just looks amazing. Jealous of those lucky teachers who will be working with her this yr. God bless you all, Miss you,

    Susan M-S

  3. Where have you been? I miss your blog posts. :(