Friday, April 30, 2010

Under the weather

My poor Reagan has been sick for over 2 weeks now.  It started around the time we went to Houston to visit the Rett specialist and it was just a runny nose, but like a faucet.  She started feeling better after about a week and then bam...another runny nose combined with a fever and coughing. :(  The fever only lasted a couple of days but I took her to the Doctor anyway to make sure it wasn't an infection.  Nope, just a nasty cold that keeps lingering.  It seems that she is starting to feel better again and only has a runny nose and mild cough.  But, you can tell she does not feel up to par because I have witnessed no less than 3 tantrums every day for the past several days.  And it usually brought on by me trying to turn off the Imagination Movers so we can go outside, eat or just play...none of which she has any interest and makes it VERY clear!  And don't you know that my sweet girl was kind enough to share her fun cold with Mommy.

Here's some positive news though - they did a weight check at the Doctor's office on Tuesday (which was exactly 2 weeks after her last weight check) and she's gained a whopping 6 ounces!!!  Yay!  I was really shocked considering that she wasn't even for a week before that because she wasn't feeling well.

I haven't posted any recent pictures lately but they will be coming soon!


  1. Yay weight - despite being sick. Sorry she is a bug :(
    Savannah is having huge problems getting through these allergies/ cough/ ear infections ... thanks to antibiotics she has frequent BMs and daycare is trying to kick her out.

  2. lingering bugs are the worst! Annie's been fighting something for about a month. Praying sweet Reagan feels better soon!