Saturday, June 26, 2010


Friday was the perfect end to a week full of therapy appointments and a 3 hour meeting with all of Reagan's therapists to set goals and action plans for her over the next year.  We were in need of some fun time and just hanging out so Reagan's Tante (Aunt in German) Erin and cousins Evie and Ellie came over to play.  I love that my daughter's first cousins (most of them) live so close and that they are going to grow up together like sisters.  

Here is a group picture: Evie, Reagan, Lauren & Ellie
Ellie (6 months) & Lauren (5 months)
Evie and Reagan at 2 yrs 4 months
And for comparison, Evie and Reagan at 7 months :)


  1. love this!!! Beautiful girls! In the3rd pic is Reagan wearing a waterproof arm brace?

  2. Thank you! Nope, just regular ones from that we let sun dry after play time in the pool.

  3. Savannah & I are crashing the next Friday pool party!!

  4. What great pics! I love the comparison pics...what a great idea! SO CUTE!