Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Simple days

We had a very low-key and relaxing weekend, just the way I like it.

Lauren rocked the pink shades

We played a little, or a lot

Reagan practiced her "glance back"  modeling pose

Lauren tried to give Mommy a heart attack by climbing onto things when I wasn't looking.  And yes, that's a Jumperoo on a Trampoline, part of Reagan's physical therapy exercises.

and then there was pool time, and more pool time...

it was a great weekend with my favorite 3 people!


  1. Reagan, you WILL be on the runway some day girl! You have that glance back pose down!!! Love it!

  2. I love the pics! You have a couple of beauties! So, I was so completely and pleasantly surprised this morning when I went to vote on the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project for Rett Syndrome and it's in 1st place for the month so far! YAY! Hopefully it will stay that way! Love ya'll!