Monday, November 22, 2010

Just another day (week and month)

I wish that I had some really fun pictures to share or exciting stories from a recent outing with the girls, but we have been doing a lot of nothing lately.  Our life has been very normal, at least normal for our family.  Reagan does not seem to enjoy many outings in the last month (or longer) so it has been hard to take her places.  It is hit or miss on whether she will throw a massive fit once we arrive at our location.  And honestly, it takes a lot of effort to get 2 small children fed, dressed, in the car and then drive at least 30 minutes to wherever we may be going.  So it is completely not worth it if once we get there she is not happy.  So, we've just been hanging out.  We go for lots of walks around the neighborhood and try to go outside several times a day just to soak up some vitamin D.  We are home a lot, but she is happy and lately that has been more important to me than fitting her in a box of typical kid outings.  I am hoping that she will grow out of this homebody stage soon!

Until then, I have been lucky enough to find someone to come hang out with Reagan for a few hours a week so that I can take Lauren to things she might enjoy.  Tomorrow is her first class at Gymboree and I could not be MORE excited!  Call me lame, but I have always wanted to participate in one of these classes and what better time than when you get a Groupon deal!  It almost has the same excitement for me as seeing one of my girls in her first tutu, ready for ballet class.

Also tomorrow is Reagan's optometrist appointment that is giving me some anxiety.   We scheduled this appointment about 3 months ago when we noticed that her left eye seemed to be crossing a lot more.  I am hoping that there is an easy fix or that it's not big deal, but my gut is telling me that I am going to leave tomorrow feeling very deflated and upset.  Wish us luck!


  1. Annie went through a stage when she couldn't go anywhere! That's passed and now she'd rather be out and about then stuck at home. Hooray for Groupon!!! :) Take pictures at Gymboree, I always wanted to do that too but never did - you guys will have a blast! And prayers for Reagans eyes, I hope it turns out to be an easy fix too, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and keep us posted! Hugs!!

  2. dawn, you know I feel your pain. avery is off all week and we cant really go anywhere b/c Im by myself. even a trip to the grocery is nerve wracking.
    bridget, thanks for reminding us that it probably will get better!
    ill be thinking of you guys tomorrow at the eye dr.

  3. We are stuck at home too! In order to go out by myself with both of them there had better be one hell of a pay off! When Claire started school I think it really helped with her desire to stay home. Now the problem is that I just don't have enough hands even when they both want to leave. Glad to hear that she is happy and you are getting out!!! Have fun at gymboree :-)