Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

Today's adventure was clearly for my amusement since I am almost certain that neither one of my daughter's could care less about seeing Santa.  But, I am completely convinced that their memories from this age will be mostly from their pictures that I have neatly arranged in their photo albums, creating a story for them of their little lives.

They will see the pictures of them sitting on Santa's lap and they won't remember how I panicked when I realized that Reagan's new Christmas dress was about 3 inches too short.  Or the patience that it took to spend another 10 minutes putting a new dress on her limp and uncooperative body.  They won't remember how anxiously Mommy paced around while we waited in line (thankfully only for 15 minutes!), fearful that this will all blow up in her face.  They won't remember how I gritted my teeth as I felt the woman behind me try not to continuously glance at my 2 1/2 year old daughter who would randomly scream sounds that someone her age wouldn't typically make.  Or the way that my voice quivered when I tried to explain to Santa that my daughter has a neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome and she can't respond to his question about what she wants from Santa this year.  Or how kind he was to try to reassure me, telling me that his 10 year old grandson is autistic.  Nope, all they will remember is what they see from these pictures.  Two precious little girls dressed up to see Santa, and that's all that matters.

Although neither are smiling, I consider it a great victory that there was no crying or screaming!


  1. Dawn they look amazing! Beautiful pictures! Well done mom!

  2. i love that santa! and i SWEAR the next time some mean curious woman Stares and repeatedly glances Im going to say "ummm, can I help you?????"
    good for you momma!
    you have inspired me to create more photo opps!
    we go have breakfast with santa on sat! wish us luck.

  3. precious picture for a precious memory! and remember ladies, we were once the woman behind a special needs mom who is curious as to what is obviously not quite right...have patience and use it as an opportunity to educate even if its with an awareness card! not everyone is rude--most are just curious!

    erica, we are going to breakfast with santa saturday too!

  4. Breakfast with Santa sounds fun! I hope you both enjoy it :) Carrie, you are absolutely right, she meant no harm and was only curious. I am hoping with time that I will get more comfortable with explaining Rett Syndrome to strangers!

  5. You are an amazing Momma! The pictures turned out incredibly adorable...I just want to reach on into the picture and hug both of your beauties! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Santa!!!...He was there last year too and you can just tell that he truly loves being around the kiddos...not to mention his beard is REAL!!! HA! Much love to you and yours!

  6. The pictures are so great! YOU DID IT!

  7. I love the last picture of Reagan laying her head on Santa! Precious! And these are definitely pictures that they will love to have when they grow older, so kudos to you for braving the crowds and the possible kid break-downs! Love the pictures!