Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quick update

We have good news to report from our visit to Rett Specialists....there is NO news!  There is nothing major to report, which I find to be great.  The neurologist was pleased with Reagan's eye contact, interaction, and energy level.  He was less than pleased by her efforts to lick everything in sight, including him.  But, thankfully all of his clients are Rett patients so he understands that it's just part of the deal.  We still are not experiencing any seizures, breath holding or anxiety so there were no new medications to add.  He was also happy with her height (75-90th percentile) and weight (25-50th percentile) growth!  But, her GI Dr was not as impressed.  She was glad to see that Reagan had gained 2 pounds but as expected, she wants to see more weight gain.  The new goal is 1/2 pound every month and a request to return in 3 months for a check-up.  We also changed up some of her GI medicine and are hoping to start decreasing her reflux medicine after the 3 month visit.

We continued our travels on to Louisiana to spend several days with my family for an early Christmas celebration.  It was great to see my parents and extended family and both girls got spoiled rotten, in a good way of course!  Reagan got a new toddler recliner from MawMaw and PawPaw and absolutely LOVES it (thanks to Ms. Abby for sharing the idea!).  She goes non-stop if she is standing and slides out of all the chairs that we put her in so that she can have a rest.  This recliner is perfect because she doesn't slide out of it and it is her own little place to relax while she watches her favorite tv show.

We are looking forward to relaxing over the next several days and spending a lot of quality time with each other with no traveling.  We hope all of you have a great holiday!
No matter how much we sit her in the recliner straight, she prefers to lay across it, using the armrest as a pillow...silly girl!


  1. Hip, hip, hooray for Reagan! I am so glad to hear the "no news" report. I love the picture...they both look so happy. AND absolutely adorable in their matching footy pj's. Can't wait to see ya'll and catch up. It's been too long! Hugs!

  2. i like this post a whole lot! and I love the picture!
    merry christmas!!

  3. I must admit to having a matching pj's fetish and I absolutely love this picture! I am also so glad to hear the no news, GI docs will always want them to gain more weight, they have to say that I think.XX

  4. No news is good news!!! Wahooo for Reagan! I love the chair...and it totally looks more comfortable to lay across it sideways, good idea Reagan!!! I love the big ole smile on Reagan's face, and I too enjoy the matching footie jammies!