Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wait, isn't this Reagan's blog?

I feel a little guilty because a blog that I created about and for Reagan has been hijacked by posts either about Lauren or my ability to cope (or not) with Rett Syndrome.  I have done very little posting about Reagan lately.

She has been very happy lately, giving smiles daily and letting out a giggle here and there.  I think she is finally having a comeback from the mono virus and seems to be less lethargic.  She is still tired more than she used to be but nothing like she has been for the past several months.

It turns out she no longer needs eye glasses for strabismus.   I have not been putting the glasses on her because they seem to small and very uncomfortable.  I meant to take them back to the store but never really found the time during the holidays.  She saw the optometrist last week for her two month follow up and it turns out the left eye is almost completely straight.  The only thing we can conclude is that it was the muscle fatigue from having mono that made her eye cross more often.  We'll watch it and see if it becomes an issue again.  Speaking of issues, her weight is still a problem but that shouldn't be much news to anyone!

We had a warm not so cold day recently so we had a little fun outside.  Well, all of 15 minutes before Reagan got: a) tired of my camera in her face, b) bored with watching Lauren dig in the mud, and c) frustrated with not watching the Movers.  Oh, and don't ya know that Girl Power 2 Cure t-shirts are all the rage?


  1. Great news on all accounts. Glasses are a pain, so I'm glad you don't have to mess with them and it's wonderful that she's on the mend. I do love the shirt. Abby's is too small, so I need to order her another. Hope she gets a few more not-so-cold days to play outside!

  2. I am thrilled to here that Reagan is getting more giggles and a little outside time in too! That shirt sure is cute, granted she could make anything look cute. I love your blog title. Reagan Haley and family, that includes Lauren as well as your laments :)

  3. Awesome news! I love to hear updates on all three of you ladies so hijack away!

  4. You took the words out of my mouth, I was thinking just the same thing with my blog, it's less about Annie and more about me coping but you know what, it's all rett related so don't feel bad at all! I'm so happy that Reagan is on the mend and I LOVE her shirt!!!

  5. YAY, love to see Reagan pics. No need to feel guilty we ALL blog about our complete lives ;) I even created Boston a seperate one but now I just am a bad blogger on two blogs :) HA!
    I love ya! HUGS from snowy Indiana!