Thursday, October 13, 2011

The bond of sisters

Reagan was about the age that Lauren is now (20 months) when we found out that our new bundle of joy was going to be a second daughter.  I was overjoyed to be having another daughter, for my two children experience the bond of sisters that I never experienced growing up as an only child.  At that time, we were just beginning our search for answers on Reagan's delays, of course they were only delays then and not a life sentence of RS.  The diagnosis of RS would come 3 months later, a day before our second daughter was born.

There are so many dreams that are shattered with the news of a life changing disorder for your child.  Among those is the realization that my girls would not share all of those precious moments that I envisioned they would as sisters, less than 2 years apart in age.  They wouldn't fight over Barbie dolls, share a room with bunk beds, have sleep overs as teenagers, and eventually be a maid of honor in each other's weddings.  And honestly, typing out all that out still makes the waterworks flow more than ever because I still want that more than anything for my girls.

But, this is now our reality.  Rett Syndrome is part of our daily life.  My girls have a bond that is different than most typical sisters at their age (approx. 3 1/2 and 1 1/2) but they have a bond nonetheless.  Reagan finds amusement in Lauren's silly ways (as well all do!) and will often let out a giggle in response.  She is patient when Lauren climbs on her and invades her space because she wants to love on her big sister.  Lauren is more understanding and compassionate than I ever thought a child her age could be, always wanting to be my "helper" (her new favorite word) when I am giving Reagan a sip of juice, feeding her, or pushing her stroller.

I caught this moment on my phone's video recorder today so not only is it poor quality with a high volume, but it's sideways.  But, it is one of the most treasured videos that I now own.  These two sweet, beautiful little girls of mine are communicating in their own very special way.  You'll see that neither of them speak a word but communicate with gestures and body language, sharing a very special moment that makes me swell with pride over the love that they have for each other.  I would change things in a moment and give these sisters the chance to fight over toys in a second, but I still could not ask for two more loving sisters that share something special.


  1. wow. look at lauren rubbing her back so sweet. and reagan does it right back. got me crying over here!

  2. I knew it would make me cry, but I had to watch it again. It is so sweet!

  3. That is so beautiful! We really miss Reagan here at Red Rock Elementary. Not a day goes by that at least one of us mentions her. We pray that all is well with your family. Please tell Reagan that Ms. Debbie, Ms. Kay, Ms. Samantha, Ms. Maria, and Ms. Tammy all miss her as well as her friend Jessica!

  4. Waterworks over here. That is so very precious and special!

  5. Good morning,
    Checking my mail this morning i really didn't expect to see this blog. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Regan and her sister are so adorable. Dawn you are an awesome parent and God has a special plan for you and your family. The first picture i saw of Regan i immeadiately started praying for healing and God's perfect will to have it's way. Just seeing Regan made me realize that life is not to be taken for granted. She is defintely an Angel!!!!!!!! VHarvey