Saturday, October 29, 2011

Update on sleep issues

After too many weeks of listening to my baby girl scream in pain night after night, I followed my intuitions and did some internet research to see if I could determine the source. You see, I was foolish for those first 3 weeks because I listened to her doctor when she told me she felt that Reagan was feeding off of my high level of stress and therefore anxious, and that was causing her to wake up at night.  This doctor went so far as to tell me that I looked "worse for wear".  Well, I guess she does not know first hand how tireless it can be to raise a special needs child as well as a typical 2-year old.  Yes, I am tired but I do not generally put my stress off on my children.

Okay, vent over and back to the update.  This same doctor encouraged me to take Reagan to the emergency room immediately to have her examined after I called again to say the pain had continued and I was concerned.  Taking a child to the ER is another newbie for me so it sent me into a state of panic because it made me so concerned for my daughter's well-being.  After some lab work and x-rays they found the source of pain, a gas bubble trapped in her lower intestines that was causing a blockage.  The solution was simple but involved another hospital stay.  The only way to decrease the size of the gas bubble so it could pass was to shut down the GI system, which meant hooking Reagan up to an IV to prevent dehydration.  They advised that it would take about 48 hours, but thankfully we were released after 24.

I am so happy that it was simple and easily remedied.  My frustration is that once again I did not trust my instincts to realize that I know my daughter well enough to know a pain scream from a frustration scream.  I hold a slight grudge against the doctor who brushed aside my concerns but it was a good lesson in realizing that I am my daughter's voice and have to be more vocal in sticking up for her and pushing the issue when I feel strongly.


  1. I am happy for both of you for finding the source of the problem! Big hugs

  2. If anything, the doctor needs to do a better job listening to you because you are an exhausted mom of two amazing and draining little girls. It is so easy to second guess yourself when you are so tired, for that matter it is just hard to think straight period :-) So glad to hear that the problem was solved. Now I know who to call when Claire is having sleep problems ;-)