Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday cards

I apologize in advance to all of you  that will be anxiously awaiting for our holiday cards this year (insert sarcasm).  Last year we had a wonderful photographer that took some great pictures of our family for holiday cards.  Although the pictures turned out great, the amount of stress and anxiety it caused was more than I could handle this year.

I thought that I could reduce that stress level this year by just snapping a few pictures of the girls and throwing them on a card, stamp and then done.  Wrong!  Here's what ya' got instead:

It started with Lauren not being impressed that Reagan was sitting on her chair.  "Mine" is her new favorite word.

Okay, we give but that doesn't help because...

This is what you get, completely unprompted response of a 2 year old.  At least Reagan thought she was funny.

A hug goes all wrong

A lens cap given to a 2 year old as a means of distraction because food.

Sealed with a kiss, too bad it's not holiday card material.


  1. ....but definitely frame worthy. Those photos are adorable...and hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't know about you, but I think picture #3 is holiday card AND frame worthy. Cute, cute girls.

  3. Great pics! Your girls are such characters. It would make anyone smile to see any of these on a card xx

  4. I think that all of them would have looked great on an Christmas Card!!!!

  5. This post was soooo much better than any card you could have sent out!
    I love the dogs tail in the last picture.

    This strip of pictures is almost like a comic strip.

    I know you wanted something to send out, but I think you have a winner here!

  6. I laughed the entire time I scrolled down to see each picture. I love, love, love it. WAY better than any Christmas card you could have sent. I miss you bunches! xoxo

  7. Oh, p.s. I outsmarted blogger and was able to figure out a way to post comments, SO, I am back in business and you will see my comments now, yay! Love you!

  8. I LOVE THEM! Are you kidding me I can only imagine opening a Christmas card with picture # 3 PRICELESS

  9. Hi Dawn! These pics brought a HUGE smile to may face. I miss you guys tons and think of you often.


  10. Dawn--Just catching up on your blog...the pictures were great...when I got to one of Lauren holding her dress up..I lauged so hard!! I am sure you can laugh about it now!!!

    Stephanie Speer