Thursday, April 15, 2010

Long overdue update

Well, time has gotten away form me I have been so bad about making time to post.  But, I have a lot of updates to give so be patient :)
First, the girls and I went to MawMaw & PawPaw Carson's house in LA for a 7 day visit.  I was craving some good Cajun food (crawfish everything!) and time with my family.  Reagan and Lauren both had a great time and also got to enjoy a visit from MawMaw & PawPaw Parker!  Reagan really enjoyed walking on the deck overlooking the water and also "chasing" the Pugs around in the large front yard.

Then there was a visit from the Easter bunny:

Then we took some fun pictures in a blue bonnet field:
So, there is an update on the last 3 weeks in a nutshell...more updates to follow soon!

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  1. My Goodness, your girls are adorable! We love you guys!