Monday, July 5, 2010

No weight gain

Okay, let's forget that I just posted the other day about being completely happy.  Now I am just frustrated.  Reagan had an appointment today with her Nutritionist and there has been NO weight gain since her last weight check four weeks ago.  It is so incredibly disappointing and frustrating to see her not gain any weight when I am feeding her heavy whipping cream by the spoon full as well as hot dogs and tons of cheeses.  What does this girl need to eat to gain weight?!?  I suppose the positive is that she is still in the 25th - 50th % for her age group and that she has not lost any weight in 4 weeks.  However, her Gastro Intestinal Doctor's voice looms in my head, "she must gain 3 pounds by her next visit in October."  Okay, that now seems impossible so then what?


  1. I hear you. We've been through that. I recommend gravy on everything. Things will get better.

  2. Dawn your mom has shared your blog (hope you don't mind me reading) and I want you to know I think of my lil Reagan frequently and Rivers and I mention her in our prayers when we are praying for our loved ones who need special "requests." You are such a strong woman/mother and you are doing EVERYTHING you can! I understand about frustration bc I am going through this with Rivers and his feet issue. If ever you wanna just vent or sit and have a good CRY or TALK, please know I am here to listen. I know we don't know each other that well but I feel close to you & Reagan some how and wanna help in any way I can! If you need ANYTHING at all, please never ever hesitate!!!! Give both sweeties a hug!!!! Stay strong as I know you will!

  3. I know a lot of gals who have had preemies who need to gain and I'm sure this is going to be info you already know, but when you make Reagan's food, use lots of oil or butter. That's the main thing they always talk about doing w/ their kids' foods. I'm sure a milkshake wouldn't hurt too. :)

    She's beautiful, Dawn. Just beautiful. Good luck putting the weight on that gal!