Monday, July 12, 2010

Splash Park fun

Today we adventured to a local Splash Pad/Park for some fun in the sun.  I have to be honest, going new places with Reagan always give me some anxiety for a couple of reasons.  First, I don't know how "Reagan friendly" it will be.  Meaning will it be easy for her to walk around without falling much.  Second, I always get a little uneasy about how other people will respond to her.  Will they be friendly and accepting of her social butterfly ways, unfamiliar with personal space.  Well, todays park was a huge success and we will definitely be going back more, and hopefully often!  The parking was right near the splash pad, the water area was perfect for Reagan and she had so much fun walking around!  There were not a lot of people but those that were there were very friendly with Reagan when she went up to say "hi" over and over again!  And of course Reagan was rockin' her Princess swimsuit!  It was a great way to start a week!


  1. Awesome! Is that place in Cedar Creek? After living in that area for almost three years, I never knew about it, a new place, perhaps?...I LOVE Reagan's swimsuit!

  2. i love this!! good for you brave mommy!
    i owe you an email!! coming soon xxoo

  3. sweet baby, she is having so much fun! our daughter (who has Rett Syndrome) is tall enough to walk up to people's tables and, if we don't catch her in time, stare down into their food where her face is almost touching it. sometimes i laugh, sometimes i cry, and every time i look at them and shrug, what can you do? you were visited by an angel!