Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today I am very anxious.  You see, Rett Syndrome has been in the #1 spot to win $250,000 from the Pepsi Challenge all month.  This would turn into $500,000 once it has been matched the the wonderful grant that is matching all donations to IRSF this year.  Wow, half a million dollars to Rett Syndrome research...it would make a big difference.

I am anxious because as of yesterday, the second to last day of this month, we slipped to the #3 spot.  And sadly on those in the #1 or #2 spots get awarded the money.  I am begging, pleading, and begging again for all of you to VOTE today before noon!

It's easy and you can vote ALL 3 ways!:
1. Text 100842 to Pepsi at 73774
2. Vote on Facebook @ http://bit.ly/cxGvaf
3. Vote on the Pepsi Refresh Site @ http://pep.si/dhuXn3

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