Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Words that hurt

First, I will admit to being guilty of doing the exact thing that I am about to rant about.  But, that was when I was a kid and had not learned to be completely compassionate; before I learned that words can be so hurtful.  And it was definitely before I had a daughter that has Rett Syndrome.  

It is very hurtful when people make comments about the "short bus" or use the word retarded in a flippant way, or even say that their child did something and it made them look like they were "special".  All of the above has happened in the past several months, although nothing has ever been said directly to me.  It has been things that I have come across that other people have said online, not knowing that a parent with a special needs child would be coming across their words.  These comments really tick me off and I am not always so good at not calling out the person for being so insensitive of people that don't fit in society's definition of normal.  My daughter will be going to a special needs class next year, and she might even be riding the short bus.  My daughter's diagnosis has in the past been misclassified as one who is mentally retarded, although that has been disqualified now that children with Rett Syndrome have found ways to communicate and can show that they are intellectuality able, just trapped inside their little bodies.  And the way my daughter walks is clearly not perfect, she probably looks "special".  But I am thankful for ability to walk and love the special things about her.  

I challenge all of you to remind the person that might make comments of this nature that they are not funny.  That comments like this hurt people and makes it look like being a special needs child is a laughing matter.  I'm not longer laughing at the crudeness of these comments.

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  1. You are absolutely correct- in this age where technology puts our words in front of so many people, it's important for us to remember that words DO hurt and compassion and kindness are not qualities that are overrated. They are essential.