Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A year of memories, part 3

finally enough hair for bows

snugglebug with Daddy

Imagination Mover Reagan Sass

I'm cute and I know it

Get that camera out of here!


  1. I am loving the pictures, thank you so much for sharing your year this way!

  2. Dawn I LOVE seeing all of these pictures of your sweet girls. It reminds me so much of Annie and Gracie. Gracie was born 4 months after Annie's diagnosis. It was a constant rollercoaster of emotions, watching 1 girl grow and thrive while another goes through regression loosing skills. My favorite part about your photos is that in each one you can actually feel the love and happiness! Hugs to you and your family and very happy New Year!!!

  3. Okay, so these pictures are absolutely adorable! I just keep coming back to your blog for part 4--I want to see some more pics or your lovely little gals! Hugs!