Sunday, May 1, 2011

Morgan's Wonderland again

We took a family trip to Morgan's Wonderland last weekend.  If you are not familiar, Morgan's is a park in San Antonio designed for individuals with special needs and I can not say enough positive things about this place.  This is our second visit and we have learned so much more about how to make things enjoyable for Reagan since our first visit last year.  For example, I now know that she gets overheated very easily since children with Rett Syndrome have a difficult time regulating their body temperature.  We need to take several breaks during our stay to find an indoors area so she can cool off and escape the Texas heat that is already uncomfortable.

One of the neatest things about our trip is that we met another Rett family that was visiting from out of state.  They have twin daughters that are 20 years old, and both have Rett Syndrome.  I am pretty sure that they are celebrities in the Rett world due to their unique situation.

We ran out of time (rather some little ones were done) and did not ride the train or play in the water area.  Reagan's favorite was once again the sensory room and she also loved the carousel this time.

Not sure of the carousel at first

But quickly realized it was a lot of fun

Lauren played non-stop on the playground equipment

Sensory room

Met some horses

Swinging with Daddy


I see a future in sports...


  1. What a wonderful place. I'm sure that that family IS a rock star family in the Rett world. It would be fascinating to see the sensory rooms and the horses to see how my girl would react. The hippotherapy up here won't let children under age 4 go, so I'm hoping come her birthday we'll be able to add that in...

  2. What a great resource to have! What is the sensory room?